Welcome to Waldi Lane Farm

Rosie getting a hugWaldi Lane is a small hobby farm in sw washington, just outside of Winlock. I raise MDGA and TMGR registered Mini Nubian dairy goats. I also keep a variety of laying hens and meat birds plus I have a registered Entlebucher Mountain Dog stud. The animals that work and play on the farm include Bender the Entlebucher herder, Rosie the Karakachan livestock guardian, Leo the rescue barn cat, Emmett the lap dog, Luna the wonder pony and my colt, Baby Monster.

We believe in honest living, the value of hard work, self sufficiency, and fun. Farm living is the life for us. Please use the navigation bar to explore our farm endeavors.  You can see our breeding plans, new farm babies, updates, and anything we have for sale.

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