About Mini Nubian Goats

Mini Nubians are a cross between a full size Nubian and a Nigerian Dwarf. Both of the foundation breeds are dairy goats.  Nubians can be quite large, upwards of 200lbs at full maturity and provide large quantities of milk (6-12lbs per day). Nigerian Dwarfs are a small breed and produce less milk (2-5lbs per day) but have a higher butterfat content. The purpose in crossing these two breeds is to retain the regal look of the Nubian; pendulous ears and roman nose, but in a smaller package with adults being closer to 100lbs at maturity. Mini Nubians produce approximately 4-8lbs of milk per day with a higher butterfat content than a standard Nubian, but cost much less to feed and are much easier to handle. My Mini Nubians are registered through MDGA - Miniature Dairy Goat Association

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