Two Doelings and Done!

Kidding is never what you expect. It is nerve wracking and often frustrating. We only had 2 does to kid this year. Clara had 3 but we lost the first 2, Bunny was supposed to have 2 but only one beautiful doeling came out. My plan was only to keep one doeling out of each and that is all I ended up getting so I guess everything went as it was destined to do.  I am loving the kids I did get, they are absolutely gorgeous. I hope they meet conformation standards as they grow.

New Kids, Lessons Learned

Tis the season for new babies. Clara unfortunately had a complicated labor and delivery. We lost 2 of the 3 kids.  Clara started her labor last Friday afternoon, 3 days before her due date.  I saw several long strings of mucous. I should have recognized that the mucous was red/brown tinged and that was a sign of a problem.  The early ultrasound indicated there was 3 kids, but one was small and the vet thought it might resorb.  It didn't, but it also didn't develop fully.  I checked on Clara constantly until midnight and then thought I would get some sleep. I set my alarm for 3am.

Baby Horse Progress

Trigger is progressing well in his training.  I can't believe how fast he is growing but he is 17 months old and getting more civilized every day.   I have put a bareback pad on his back with a loose girth.  This past weekend, I decided to try out a saddle girthed up.  Trigger had one moment of sidestepping when I first set the girth, but he calmed right down and let me tighten the girth a couple more times.  He walked and trotted the round pen for about 10 minutes and was perfectly calm. He acted like wearing a saddle was a perfectly normal thing to do.

4H Horse Judging Win

I'm super proud of my daughter.  This was her last year as a junior in her Equine 4H club.  She rode western dressage through Basic and scored a 69% on her Basic 4 test to earn her bronze medal.  She also qualified for the Washington State competition in horse judging.  She is one of the first juniors to earn a county jacket and today, she competed against 14 other juniors to place 3rd. She also earned another bronze medal.  This coming year she will be an intermediate.

Baby Monster

In December 2020, I purchased this awesome colt, Trigger Warning G, out of Two Eyed Snowbuck.  We have had quite the year.  A road trip to retrieve the little guy, a stark realization that I was not skilled enough to handle a highly intelligent and opinionated stallion colt, months of training with Evan Bonner, a castration (thank the Lord), and unfortunately a lot of vet bills for high low, and a cut that refused to heal.  Through all of that, Trig learned to trailer, bathe, tie, stand for the farrier, sometimes for the vet, and stopped biting everyone.  He competed in his first virtual sh

A Foul Week for Fowl

The week isn't over yet and it's been a tough one for my birds. Yesterday, while I was preoccupied with tattooing my nubian doe and then spiffing up the landscaping in the front yard, I heard a bird ruckus and my husband yelling. A juvenile bobcat snatched one of my minorca laying hens in broad daylight.  The hen was one of my good layers, but a member of the renegades that refuse to stay in the chicken run. My poor turkeys had quite a scare too. Everyone was upset for a while. There is nothing left of my hen but a pile of feathers.