Breeding Plans

How To Choose The Best One Night Stand

I would not consider Waldi Lane Farm to be an establishment of ill repute, but let's face it, Goat hookups are transactional at best.  Those does are flooseys.  The bucks are randy.  In my effort to bring order to the chaos, I house my bucks on the north side of the property and my does on the south side. This plan also has the side benefit of putting my bucks downwind of my house. I love it when happenstance details appear so well planned out. 

Each year I choose which ladies will be adding to the genetics and milk quality of the Waldi Lane brand.  They are chosen based on several criteria.

  • Age - I will not breed a doe that is under 1 year old.  I actually like them to be closer to 2 years old when I breed them. They are larger and stronger and more likely to produce healthier kids and have safer deliveries. I love my does and I do not want to risk their lives unnecessarily.  
  • Ability - I ask, does this doe have the conformation and milk history that will improve my herd?
  • Boyfriend - I ask, do I have an appropriate buck available that increases genetic diversity and adds or improves upon my doe's characteristics?

Next, we need bucks.  I do keep a couple bucks. Some farms do not want to deal with bucks because sometimes they act like wild boys and exhibit bad decision making skills like jailbreaks and benders. Also, during rut (fall and winter) they STINK. The other option is to pay a stud fee for a buck service. This can be live cover or AI (artificial insemination). Live cover, and even AI, to some extent, brings in matters of bio security. It is a health risk to have new goats on your farm and it is a health risk to allow your buck to go visiting. For now, I am super thrilled with my 2 guys here on the farm and I hope my does are as well. 


2021 Breeding Plan for 2022 Kidding