A Foul Week for Fowl

The week isn't over yet and it's been a tough one for my birds. Yesterday, while I was preoccupied with tattooing my nubian doe and then spiffing up the landscaping in the front yard, I heard a bird ruckus and my husband yelling. A juvenile bobcat snatched one of my minorca laying hens in broad daylight.  The hen was one of my good layers, but a member of the renegades that refuse to stay in the chicken run. My poor turkeys had quite a scare too. Everyone was upset for a while. There is nothing left of my hen but a pile of feathers. Then this evening, I looked in on my 4 week old hens and one of my blue sapphires had died. This is my first chick loss in 2 years and I am very disappointed. I worry it was my fault. I kept forgetting to give them grit and their water was clogged with shavings. Or did she get too warm?  I didn't see any signs of the other little ladies beating her up. I am hoping the remaining ladies survive the rest of the week. Rose has been placed on chicken duty to ward off more bobcat attacks. Never a dull moment around here.

LGD Rose guarding chickens

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