Two Doelings and Done!

Kidding is never what you expect. It is nerve wracking and often frustrating. We only had 2 does to kid this year. Clara had 3 but we lost the first 2, Bunny was supposed to have 2 but only one beautiful doeling came out. My plan was only to keep one doeling out of each and that is all I ended up getting so I guess everything went as it was destined to do.  I am loving the kids I did get, they are absolutely gorgeous. I hope they meet conformation standards as they grow. We are still watching Bunny because I had to assist in Willow's birth and check for the expected second kid.  I am hoping she will be just fine with a course of antibiotics. 

For now, we are excited to grow the herd with more of our farm name. Welcome to Waldi Lane CG Pixie Dust (Pixie) and Waldi Lane BG Salix Caprea (Willow)


The 2023 breeding season will include our current FF Clara and Bunny, plus Sunny, Vivi, Coco, and Moderna. We will be very busy next spring!! 2024 will include that bunch plus Cookie, Gigi, Pixie, and Willow. Such an exciting future.