Farm News - You Heard It Here First

3/13/22 - We have moved!  Waldi Lane is now located just outside of the quaint town of Winlock, in SW Washington. We have so much more space to grow.  We are looking forward to many new adventures here. The first adventure is fencing for the goats and chickens. My everything hurts, but it's the good kind of hurt that makes me proud to be #farmstrong 

New Farm


2/10/22 - It's a new year with lots of changes coming to the farm.  Today's announcement is that George Clooney's first kids were born this week.  2 flashy bucks and 2 lovely, dark does We are excited to welcome one of the doelings to Waldi Lane (in 12 weeks). Meet House on the Hill's Lady G.G. (Gigi). I love her long body, level topline and rump, and of course, those blue eyes.  Her dam's udder is already very impressive so I am very excited for her future in our herd. 

Lady G.G.


12/30/21 - The year is almost wrapped up. We have 2 does bred: Clara for mid March F2 kids and Bunny for end of April F3 kids. We are still working on Sunny, the queen of silent heat. Vivi and Moderna are junior does and will be hanging out until Fall 2022 breeding. We are currently socked in with snow and cold (very uncommon for the PNW). The goats are cozy in their barns, but looking forward to better weather. In the meantime, we enjoy the beauty of nature.

Goat barn in the snow

9/10/21 - Test results are in!   WDL breeding stock is clear of CAE, CL, and Johnes.  We are getting ready for the breeding season.  Due to some deadlines I have for projects at my job, we plan to start breeding in November for late March and early April kids.  


9/7/21 - I spent Labor Day weekend at the Oregon State Fair in Salem showing my goats for the first time. My good friend Tara Demulling of House on the Hill Farm was brave enough to take on this adventure with me.  We packed up 10 does in my horse trailer and head out to Oregon in the wee hours of the morning.  Of course, prior to that hasty departure, I spent 2 weeks shopping for things like show collars and show clothes and collecting any medical supplies I may need.  I scheduled vet checks and dealt with registrations. I bathed and shaved A LOT of goats. I had a fantastic sign made by DreamBigPrintables . I had a great time at the show and learned a lot. First, there is no down time at a show.  There was more goat washing, shaving, watering, watching at the show ring to learn how this is all done and talking to all the other breeders. Everyone was so nice and helpful.  In the end, Bunny took third place in the yearling juniors class.  Vivi took 3rd in the Intermediate Kid class. Clara placed last due to the judge not liking her airplane ears.  I am super proud of Bunny and most importantly, we had fun!

P.S. If you think she looks like she is making a run for it, that is because she is. That stage was apparently terrifying!

Bunny third place


8-31-21 - It's been a busy 7 days.  We welcomed a 2 year old doe to the farm: Ila Creek Sundance Rose (Sunny) all the way from south Texas. She is getting settled in and you can see her on the Does page.

Fair started on the 26th which means long hours in the horse barns with the highs and lows of showing.  It also means fun and team work.  Maggie placed 1st in western showmanship. This is a huge accomplishment for her because showmanship has always been a challenge for her and it has finally clicked.  Maggie also scored a 69% on her Basic 4 dressage test which brought her a grand championship and should have earned her a bronze medal but unfortunately, 4H has a rule that doesn't allow juniors to earn medals. She was recognized for her accomplishment and being the first junior to work to the level of medals.  We are finishing up our herds shifts for the intermediate section and look forward to going to the state fair where Maggie qualified for the county team in Horse Judging.  

Maggie showmanshipMaggie ridingMaggie Dressage


8-12-21 - The turkeys have arrived!!  I did not think we would have turkeys this year but I got lucky.  Really lucky. On a mission to Coastal to get Goat wormer, I cruised past the chicks like the playa that I am, and surprise! they had turkey pullets. I needed 2.  But they were buy 2, get one free. Who doesn't take a free turkey?  I ordered up 3.  The helper asked me if I would take 3 more for free. Apparently, there had been a bullying incident and some had been pecked a bit but were healthy. I looked at her and said, "You want me to butcher 6 turkeys this year?!" She continued to make her case.  She had clearly never processed these behemoths.  So, off I went with my 6 new turkeys. Luckily, it seems I didn't end up with the bully because we have harmony in the brooder box. 

turkey pullets in brooder box